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Big Daddy Performance created by Dwayne Gutridge in 2003 and established in 2006 brings over 25 years of hardcore racing experience. Dwayne started building and racing cars in 1980 when he rebuilt his '71 Cougar, which had a 351c with a FMX Trans and a open 9 inch rear in it. Learning Fords from his dad Joseph Gutridge who always drove ford vehicles. Soon after Dwayne had rebuilt a 351c which was bored .040, SpeedPro pistons, anti pump up lifters Gapp And Roush kit, Ultradyne racing cam, Accel Motorsport distributor , Holley Strip Dominator intake, 780 carb, Hooker custom headers and Thrust mufflers, FMX was replaced with a C6 Trans, and 4:11 gears housed in a 9" rear with a 4 pin Detroit Locker rear. The little Cougar accelerated down the quarter 13.41@103 mph.

After the USAF and graduating from PSI Institute for Digital Computer Repair, Dwayne decided to embark on his first love cars and started working for Ford as an apprentice in 1983 where he started R&R on engines and transmission within 6 months. It didn't take long and in 1988 he became a certified A Technician and in July 1989 became a certified Electronic Engine Control Specialist, which was followed by a certification in Advance Engine Performance in March of 1990.

From the start of the 5.0 movement, Dwayne Gutridge has always been at the forefront of innovation and a large part of the Mustang movement. When he started his business Outrageous Mustangs in 1990 his goal was to become a leader in the sport. His legendary black 1988 Mustang GT incorporated the first 5 lug conversation kit by using rotors from the Lincoln Mark 7 and axles from a Ford Ranger truck. Dwayne developed his 5 lug conversation kit long before Ford Motorsports offered their conversion kit.

Soon after purchasing his 1988 Mustang, Dwayne overhauled the engine to handle the additional horsepower of a Paxton Supercharger. This was the first Mustang with a supercharger on the East Coast. Outrageous Mustangs, Dwayne's performance shop, led the charge of centrifugal superchargers by becoming one of first dealers for Vortech Superchargers, selling kits to Dayton Ford and Downs Ford long before they became dealers themselves.

Big Daddy and Outrageous Mustangs were the first to bring Extrude Honing to the forefront. "It was the secret to many of my early successes," Big Daddy admits. Also, the cost and time it takes to have a set of heads ported vs. extrude honing made it more cost-effective for racer's on a budget. Big Daddy also notes that while full hand porting was thought of as the way to make additional horsepower, many engines where over ported or over cammed. To prove the advantages, Extrude Hone Heads and Intake were used to power Big Daddy's record setting 89 Mustang LX into the record books, becoming the first car to run 7's on radial tires on January 29, 2004 a feat that was once believed to not be achievable.

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